"It's not just an ecig it's a life saving product" -kbg


Helping you QUIT SMOKING  

ISO 8 in-house lab 



Only the brands we use. 

FOR EVERYONES SAFETY we stay away from anything with known problems! Any item sold with a warranty is honored through the shop as long as receipt and warranty card are presented. Type your paragraph here.

Because we care 

Our Juice Prep Station is an ISO8 ready positive pressure clean room that can circulate and clean the air 72 times an hour.  This ensures the highest quality of e-liquid, made to order.  Our flavor bar holds 40+ recent flavors as well as your old favorites.  We constantly are developing new flavor profiles and adding to our vast collection of premium e-liquids... made to ready to vape.

This Vaping industry has been moving at warp speed and will continue to do so.  The passion of the people who quit smoking  through ecigs & vape  will continue to drive the industry at such a speed.  With a little vape counseling, good e-liquid and the right mod... making the transition from smoking cigarettes with 4000+ chemicals, to vaping with a 4 ingredient vape is easy. A more satisfying solution, higher success rates of quitting smoking, less offensive to the environment... Why not make an attempt to quit with ecigs?  We enjoy helping people kick butts, contrary to other shops the price is the price, no we don't do deals or sales because you know someone.

 ​* -kbg 

We spend a great deal of time and finances going through a lot of junk hardware to find you the good stuff. The time spent is on finding the right hardware for our customers in an industry that releases new products weekly and a technology shift every 3 months. Going through all the facts and selecting products that we warrant supporting and supplying. We rotate through the major brands as they make qualifying devices, such as : Joytech, Aspire, Magic Dragon Vapes, dovpo, Horizon tech, Asolo, Ijoy and many others. Kanger, istick, eleaf...  we carry their coils for your convenience. 

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